The Autumn 2018 edition of Market Group’s quarterly Institutional Allocator is here!

The Autumn 2018 edition of Market Group‘s quarterly magazine, Institutional Allocator,  is here!

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Welcome to the second edition of Institutional Allocator’s quarterly magazine.

It is my pleasure to introduce with this edition Market Group’s new 10-member Advisory Board, which boasts some very experienced institutional investment practitioners from varied corners of
the industry. The members include: Timothy Barron, Cameron Black, Charles Burbridge, Joseph Cullen, Vicki Fuller, Robert Jacksha, Mansco Perry, Anand Philip, Ian Toner and Carolyn Weiss.

For this edition’s cover story, Managing Editor Leslie Kramer simply rolled up her sleeves and got down and detailed with private-debt fixed-income benchmarking, or the lack thereof. Her
efforts culminated in a three-part treatment of a challenging—some say insuperable—problem in the market. Leslie delivers a 360-degree take on the nature of the issue (some call it a conundrum) and possible remedies. In this issue, IA delivers its first Asset Owner Spotlight (Minnesota State Board of Investment’s CIO Mansco Perry). It’s a Q&A feature with senior decision makers at investing institutions that takes a slightly more personal tact that is usual.

We’ve also included a new section, called Plan Sponsor People Moves, in which IA aggregates all the news and announcements of which it becomes aware regarding senior executive moves, placement and promotions at institutional investment organizations in the calendar quarter prior to publication of each issue.

The addition of these features, along with the introduction of a technology section, is simply part of our efforts to improve the comprehensiveness and quality of IA’s content on an ongoing basis, as I indicated we would in my last note.


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