Letter from the Editor

Markets Group Launches Institutional Allocator Quarterly Magazine

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Institutional Allocator, Markets Group’s quarterly magazine.

Let me summarize how it came to be:

One afternoon in late January, I noticed that someone had taken a peek at my LinkedIn profile. As I was in the market for a new job at the time, I quickly clicked to see who it was. It was Adam Raleigh, ceo of Markets Group, an events company doing business in the institutional asset management sector. Curious, I immediately sent Adam an InMail, introducing myself, explaining my background and emphasizing that I was in the market for my next career opportunity. He thereupon invited me to his office “for a chat.”

How much experience did I have as journalist covering institutional asset management? What did I know about the events business? How did I think a publication best fits with an events company? How did I think a publication might work at Markets Group? What kind of resources would an editorial operation require? Adam peppered me with questions like these. He concluded the meeting with a request that I send him a note summarizing some of my thoughts on the aforementioned questions. “Oh great,” I thought, “another job interview, only this time with homework!”

I completed and submitted my homework—how could I not? And fast forward six weeks to March 1 and it’s my first day as Editor of two prospective publications from Markets Group—a weekly news email and a quarterly magazine both bearing the title Institutional Allocator.

The weekly edition was launched on May 1. You can find all of the past issues here: www.institutional-allocator.com

Our plan with our publications is quite simple—to deliver important news and analysis on the world’s institutional investment industry. Tailored to the information needs of asset owners, we want Institutional Allocator to deliver to its readers insight into the thinking of key decision makers at institutional funds, asset management firms and leading industry consultants and analysts.

We believe Institutional Allocator’s probing features, proprietary surveys and insider’s perspective from the world’s institutional investment community will help its readers keep their finger on
the pulse of important industry themes, topics and innovations.

I don’t mind telling you, I do not yet consider this magazine a finished product—it’s a work-in-progress. I anticipate potentially making changes to its format and content going forward with the goal of making it more engaging and valuable to you, its readers. As such, I very much encourage you to contact me with any questions, observations or suggestions you may have for how I can improve the magazine.

Before I sign off, I’d like to extend my profound thanks to Managing Editor Leslie Kramer, Reporter Kaitlyn Mitchell, Senior Graphics Designer Tony Patryn and Marketing Manager John Zajas for all their help and hard work in getting Institutional Allocator launched in an impressively quick time frame. And of course, thanks to Adam Raleigh for having the vision (and gumption) to pursue an opportunity to produce a publication of this caliber in the first place.



To download a PDF copy of the July Issue of Institutional Allocator, click here.

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